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Sunday, June 12, 2011

We have suffered from high external temperature for weeks. It is really a hard day for all of us while is there anyone who want to have another small sun indoor. Actually the laptop computers have already combined into the sun and heat. If you have ever tested, the temperature they have won’t be lower than the external environment.

laptop computers, Small Sun Indoor

As everyone knows, cooling fan and air conditioner have become much essential for laptops. Consequently, it can control and reduce the high temperature efficiently. But it seems to cure the symptoms instead of root diseases.

No. 1 Prescription: Have suitable laptop battery and charger to provide enough power energy.

More than laptop computers, most consumer electronics need power energy from power supplies, just as laptop battery and charger. Once not satisfied, the backup part will initiate and provide more heat. So are poor quality batteries of more internal resistances. Furthermore, these accessories are usually hotter than others in most cases. Please keep them cool first.

No. 2 Prescription: Have a high-quality and high rate CPU and internal memory.

It is business of both service speed and laptop computers temperature. Obviously, CPU is the heart of computer which determines more than other parts in performance. In most cases, you can see that the cooling fan runs faster but the heat released more while the noises are loud. The root cause is also related to power energy. When internal memory doesn’t get enough space, it has to occupy more from hard disks and ask for more power energy.

No. 3 Prescription: Keep your laptop computer clean, including software and hardware.

As to hardware, dusts increase with time goes by and temperature increases, too. Go to the service center and let the professional servicemen to help you to clear the laptop computer. As to software, it is more about disk cleanup. It can not only release the CPU but fewer programs will run simultaneously. Then we don’t need more output current to transfer from the power cable and prevent from heat produced by internal resistances.

No. 4 Prescription: Treat the laptop computers and other electronic devices well.

Prevention is better than cure. Maintenance can actually be more effectively than expectation. Don’t provide laptop computers chances to be the small sun indoor.

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by: USB Phone World