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Monday, June 20, 2011

Is there something more seriously than money, social status and personal rights? Actually, the answer is various, such as career, dreams and self-actualization. What about “2012”? If you are able to delay and cancel the dangerous of “2012”, do you think it can provide you a worthwhile life?

recycling hero

Take action to recycling

How many batteries have you consumed before, including laptop battery, digital camera battery, mobile phone battery and so on? And do you know where they were after thrown away and where they will be in the future? If you are interested in, it is likely for you to participate in recycling these lithium-ion batteries.

The endanger of lithium-ion batteries

Actually, some materials of lithium-ion batteries have come into our own life. Can you imagine that the digital camera battery has hidden in the daily water and even rain? It seems to be the horror film scene, but it has happened and cannot be ignored. Supposed you can save the surrounding and all Americans life, such a great responsibility you have.

You are the hero of the world before “2012”

Maybe you are not the spider man or superman, but you can become one of the heroes to avoid “2012”. What do you think of it? In my point of view, you are even more powerful than those guys. After all, what you have helped are the human beings. What you have saved are more than certain parts of people. What you have done has much great significance and it can be recorded in the history.

Of course, all these can only occur to you before you have take part in recycling and other tasks about environmental protection. Or ask your friends and lovers for help to save the whole world. Never let those dying lithium-ion batteries to destroy us.

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