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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It is a matter of murderous work that there’s no power energy and external power supply in a pinch. Although battery indicator will remind us about the remaining power energy and standby time, it is impossible for us to deal with all the tasks in such a short and unstable period.

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If we cannot control the accurate last time of laptop battery

I am sure that no one can learn about the laptop battery standby time more accurately than the indicator. In conventional practice, users have no idea of consumption rate and surprised by rapid reduction in the internal power energy. It is all right for us to have a ninja mode in daily work, but if in a pinch, how to catch the speed of used up is of great significance.

If we can have more flexible time to deal with

The emergency in particular, flexible time is more important than pure last time or power supply. After all, the object is tasks, project and success instead of laptop battery itself. Obviously, long life batteries can achieve such a possibility by much more lithium-ion cells and capacity. And more standard cells are better than a large powerful cell. In most cases, the latter has more internal contaminates.

If we need long life batteries

To be sure, no laptop battery can completely handle with all the urgent problems if not prepared fully before. After all, different from laptop charger, lithium-ion batteries have limited recharging cycles and internal capacity even if they are prior to Ni-mh and Ni-cd ones.

If you don’t want to be rushed off, a long life laptop battery can be considered while you’d better calculate your necessary standby time. After all, different batteries have different internal capacity and last time. And even the same laptop battery will perform diversely in various situations.

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