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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From the market point of view, to meet the increasing demands, a great deal of manufacturers have involved in new technologies in lithium-ion laptop battery so as to improve the battery capacity. Among these measures, the updating of lithium-ion cells is regarded as the core value that can effectively realize and satisfy with the expanded ambitions.

laptop battery, internal capacity

How to improve the laptop battery capacity by lithium-ion cells?

As is mentioned, the most direct and popular way to have a high-capacity laptop battery is adding more lithium-ion cells. But it is not a good way anymore as users have also requirements on the appearance and weight. So I guess that there must be a new idea to achieve that.

In the whole industry, people come to accept some powerful large sole cell for laptop batteries. It deserves to be a good manner that satisfies both sides. For this reason, some scientists have got some more daring ideas that it can be beyond lithium-ion laptop battery but solar or nanoporous silicon batteries.

Will the new technologies remove hidden security troubles or even worse?

We have witnessed the achievement of lithium-ion laptop battery from Ni-cd and Ni-mh many years ago. But the accident about HP have driven safety wake-up calls even if HP laptop replacement batteries are available.

Since we have not accurate standard for lithium-ion cells, how can we control the regulation of these new technologies and products? We have suffered from 911, Hercynian earthquake and Japanese tsunami. We seem to be not so confident and feel insecure.

Why does terminal user continue to expand ambitions instead of being satisfied?

With changing of the times, the business is harder with sharper competition. Maybe it is not the wish from ourselves but forced by the age and market. On the other hand, as manufacturers come to produce more powerful laptop batteries so that users consider it as a simple way and increase their ambitions. Maybe it’s time for the whole area to slow down our steps.

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