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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rechargeable battery is one of most important advantages for laptop computer. Compared to desktop computer, laptop battery has all kinds of convenience in actual use. No matter when did you start to use the laptop, I think it is necessary to learn about the development of the batteries.

At the earliest times, all the batteries for laptop are made by Ni-cd that has serious memory effect under all the circumstances. It seems to be very inconveniently so that users have to deep discharge the power energy and then recharge it. Shortly after that, Ni-mh batteries have replaced it with less memory effect, which can improve the electronic quantity by about 10%.

Li-ion laptop battery

Since Li-ion laptop battery has turned out, it has changed the whole industry to a great extent. Actually the first product is manufactured by Sony in the last century. With little memory effect, people just don’t need to activate and have much larger capacity and standby time. Although Li-ion batteries have come into the research in very early times, the problem of stability and security has been solved after a long period.

Lithium and Lithium-ion battery has become the latest type high-energy products in 20th century. After entering into the early 1970s, it has come into practicability stage in many areas, including military and residential devices, such as mobile phone, laptop computer, digital camera and so on.

There’s no doubt that in the next few years, Li-ion laptop battery will continue to be the primary accessories. According to the current technology, metal Li-ion battery should be the new version in the long-term development. But now, technicians have to solve the problem of tree crystallization.

In the process of development, the laptop battery has to improve the energy density of Li-ion cells and the electrochemical properties of anode and cathode. Meanwhile, lightweight square and polymer cells will become the recent tendency.

On the other hands, some hi-tech fuel and solar laptop batteries are also available in the market. However, limited by high production cost and lack of security, they cannot take into mass production and popularized by the most.

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