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Thursday, July 7, 2011

With the temperature increasing, more and more users have to take out their heat radiators to cool down the laptop computer. Although there’s one inside the computer, an external one can not only produce wind by cooling fan, but help the laptop contact more with the air. Nowadays, it seems to be more amazing that a new radiator has also the entertainment functions.

It is really so onerous to install another external audio for notebook computer while the primary is not loud enough if we need to fill the whole room. Meanwhile, the noise from the radiator has also annoyed the users so much in the process of use.

heat radiator, entertainment, sound horn

Based on these requirements and distresses, a new heat radiator has come out under all the hope. Actually, both entertainment and cooling fan are more powerful than the traditional ones. The basement and motherland are both black. To improve the performance, it has also taken use of rush net and senior engineering plastics as the manufacturing materials. Such a combination will make the radiator lighter with the sense of reality. Even though users want to take it out, it is also an excellent portable device.

From the side point of view, the heat radiator has a good angle of inclination that can meet the ergonomic requirements. Therefore, users have efforts to alleviate fatigue when working on the laptop computer. It is certainly that the main core part is the large mute fan that can blow away the heat equably. The most special part of the device is two silver equipments on the side, inside which there’s a particular double track stereo speaker.

On the appearance, this heat radiator is also connecting with the notebook computer with USB interface to get enough power supply. To be more surprised, there’re three eligible modes, pure fan, fan + audio and pure audio. On the other side, there’s also a button to adjust the volume.

At last, the basement of the heat radiator has a soft anti-vibration pad that can keep the notebook upon the radiator firmly and prevent from shaking. In this summer, please take it home and make your festival more flavorful.

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