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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In these 20 years, more and more people come to believe in EVP phenomenon. As long as you have searched on Google, you can find all kinds of relevant organizations around the world, including USA, Britain, Germany, France and Brazil. According to the most popular definition, EVP is a Hertzian wave coming from another world.

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It is said that electronic devices have electrostatic interference and noises that are the messages from those spirits. The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP), the most important EVP research organization, has explained to us that it is a world filled with Ghost signals just as the Hertzian waves in space.

A classic example: After losing the daughter, the first word a couple has heard, “I’m still here!”. When they asked EVP researchers for help, their dauther answered, “Yes, ‘the Big Circle’.” Actually, many people have ever contacted with their lost parents, lovers, brothers, sisters or friends by such a big circle.

They have told us that high-tech electronic devices have made it possible for us to hear of their voices more clearly. The Germany Adolf Holmes has started to achieve such a connection by radio, television or even computer phone. Although they seem to be not so unique, a member of Adolf Holmes has keep contact with his Mum for years.

If you have seen the movie “White Noise”, you must have known about the principle and unbelievable phenomenon. Although many spectators don’t believe in supernatural phenomena, they have been moved by such a power of love. After all, those who need to have connections are very concerned about their lost people.

In my point of view, you can have a try of the “White Noise” by relevant organizations if you really want to contact with the past friends. Or it is a way to pacify those who are so sad about the death by EVP. It is really hard to judge the meaning of these unknown Hertzian waves or noises. But never make your life troubled by EVP.

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