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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

As to the notebook computer, the main hardware includes processor graphics card, motherboard chipset that have rapid development rate. Comparatively, hard disk and other relevant memory devices are much slower so that it cannot catch up with the time even if processor has entered into Core 4 Quadro I series age.

How to Enhance the Performance of Notebook Hard Disk?

notebook hard disk, 7200 r/min

1. According to the traditional algorithm, if the disk has higher ability to read more sectors per unit time is regarded as a better one. It seems as if it is effective to improve the rotate speed and track density. Nowadays, the primary laptop hard disk is rated at 5400 r/min. Once it is updated to be 7200 r/min or more, not only the cost will increase, but also the heat and noise will be more seriously. On the other hand, it is really so hard to improve the track density by current technologies.

notebook hard disk, hybrid hard drive,

2. Another way to update relies on 500GB hybrid hard drive. The work principle is increase a 4GB SLC chip on the basis of 7200 r/min disks. According to Adaptive Memory technology, it can store the data on 4GB chip directly in order to save the time from disk head seek.

notebook hard disk, SSD

3. As primary notebook hard disk has many disadvantages, Solid State Drive (SSD) is expected by many users. Thanks to the SSD special structure, it has higher reading rate, low latency, sound proof, low consumption, quake proof and so on. Although all these are necessary to laptop computer, it has some unexpected disadvantages like low writing speed, capacity and high sales price.

Conclusion, only from the upgrade cost, 7200 r/min hard disk has the highest cost performance undoubtedly. But from the performance improving, it is most efficient to update to SSD and then hybrid hard drive. After all, they can shorten the reading period of system loading software, games and other files. In my point of view, if you don’t have some special requirements, hybrid notebook hard disk is an eclectic selection.

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