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Monday, July 25, 2011

As a battery supplier, what we hate most are the refurbished batteries and manufacturers. In most cases, they provide users a very low price that has already disrupted the market order. As to users, such a product is also a potential danger. Therefore, we decide to reveal the truth by reality.

The truth of refurbished batteries

As a matter of fact, refurbished batteries have covered all walks of life, including laptop, camera, camcorder and mobile phone in particular. Although they seem to be brand new by the appearance, the internal structure is just composed by a used battery.

In some traditional stores, they just set out both brand new and refurbished batteries in the same shelf. In some online stores, they just take use of others’ pictures instead of taking by themselves. USB Phone World has ever been stored by those refurbished manufacturers in the product pictures. It is really a terrible and abominable matter.

After seeing that with my own eyes, I made up my mind to reveal the truth. The process is short and the manufacturing is very simple, which needs only old batteries, scissors, double faced adhesive tape, cardboard paper and so on.

The process of making refurbished batteries

refurbished batteries

First of all, they need to paint the profile of old batteries and cut into the same part by scissor. On the other side, they are labeled by double-sided adhesive and connected to the battery. After that, they have the same operation on the packaging sticker and connect it to the battery. At last, they cut out the metal contact and the refurbished battery has completed.

According to my observation, the skilled person can finish the whole process within only one minute. And it is really hard to figure out the difference from the appearance only. Of course, the performance is shortened to a great extent.

In this place, we need to remind our users to pay attention to the following tips. The metal contact is the key point. As they are produced by hands, it is hard to keep it even. In addition, warranty of one year is necessary. Otherwise, the refurbished batteries are possible to dead in only a few weeks.

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by: USB Phone World