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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When working on the laptop computer, some users just cannot bear the noises from the LCD screen even if there’s not something wrong occurred to visual elements. It is really a very annoyed problem to all of us. Whether for business work or entertainment, such a situation will make us feeling listless or even angry.

To solve the problem of LCD screen thoroughly, please stay with us to figure out the root cause.

laptop lcd screen, noises

According to the noises and different condition, the problem can be explained in two ways. And both of these two reasons should have distinct solutions.

The first matter is related to working voltage. When working with only laptop batteries, the output voltage varies with time goes by. Especially when the notebook is adjusted to the energy-saving state, the running voltage fluctuates apparently. At this moment, output current transferred from LCD screen EHT is also fluctuating.

The overall process of voltage and current varying has already explained the noises. It is the frequency sound from high-tension coil according to physics principle.

In most cases, laptop LCD screen will install electromagnetic shielding to get rid of such frequency sound. However, if yours is with poor-quality shielding, users will hear the noises. So, please try on the laptop computer by turning on and lasting for minutes to check seriously.

Actually, some nonconforming power adapters will also run into such a problem of noises. Therefore, in USB Phone World, we always provide AC adapter instead of DC adapter that can keep the output voltage stable even though the input voltage will vary with mains supplies.

Another matter is likely to be high frequency noises that are even more maddening. If users have ever heard about the noises, it is bound to be indelible. Such dizzying sound is caused by internal structure design defects. Generally speaking, the problem is caused by poor-quality motherboard.

If this noise situation is common to a certain laptop model, manufacturers will publish a new updating file of BIOS to users. Actually, IBM, HP and other large brands have all suffered from the noisy LCD screen accidents before. If so, please contact with the official customer service to discuss about the resolvent.

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by: USB Phone World