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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Portable consumer electronics have become the necessaries of life. However, as they have all the limited last time, users have to depend on the chargers after they are power off. For this reason, a great number of motherboard manufacturers have released new software for motherboards to achieve fast charging. It can not only shorten the charging time, but can be available under any circumstances like working, standby and sleep mode.

ASUS Ai Charger

Although the laptop charger can satisfy most of the users, some who need to charge or transmit data from iPad, iPod and iPhone have complained that the laptop cannot run normally enough.

The Ai Charger technology is available to make any PC to be the power station for Apple devices or other portable devices. According to ASUS official report, the new software can improve the charging rate by about 50%.

Actually, all the motherboards from ASUS can take advantage of Ai Charger software without updating a special version of BOIS. Although ASUS has never told us about the core value, someone guessed that it may be related to higher output current from USB interface. Or the software has a unique way to fake Apple voltage monitoring mechanism out.

Gigabyte On/Off Charge

This new technology has permitted all the Apple electronic devices to fast charge by the motherboard slot. Even if the laptop computer hasn’t started, all the charging situations are possible.

However, as some mobile phones and portable equipments have the specialized specifications, they are unable to be adapted to this On/Off Charge slot. And the software can only support three external devices by maximum with 5 different output voltages.

Elitegroup EZ Charger

Compared to traditional USB interface, Elitegroup can improve the charging speed by more than 3 times by EZ charger technology shich can support all kinds of system running modes. Of course, users have to update the drives and relevant software to complete. Under the circumstance of power off, users should also close EuP function in BOIS for those motherboards with EuP energy-saving functions.

After starting the EZ charger software, there will be a small icon in the lower right corner of LCD screen. As long as the external devices come to be charged, the icon will be indicated green and accelerate the charging speed.


To increase the charging speed, it depends on both motherboard performance and laptop charger output power. After all, USB interface itself won’t have such a large output current.

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