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Monday, July 18, 2011

Previously, it is revealed that Microsoft has plans to issue an external Blu-ray drives and discs. And according to some news, it will be appear in the public market in the near future. Meanwhile, the other news about XBOX has also revealed that the latest version of XBOX 360 will take use of this Blu-ray drive.

From the vision experience point of view, the new technology is really a very good idea for notebook computer. At present, some desktop computers have already installed such Blu-ray drives with a wide range. But the reality is that the first generation is just unable to complete a whole Blu-ray movie.

A professional analyst Josh Martin has said that Blu-ray notebook is the largest problem to reduce battery lifespan. Just like iPhone, it is really so hard to see a movie of about 2 hours.

If the notebook battery capacity can be improved, the problem can be controlled in a certain value. However, it seems that most of notebook computers with Blu-ray drives have got only normal traditional battery so that the standby time is only one hour or less.

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Of course, HD-DVD is no longer satisfied by the users, especially for game players. As to XBOX 360, to beat the competitor PS3, Blu-ray drives are the best choices to be confronted with powerful Blu-ray players. Actually, it is just the core value of PS3 at present.

From now on, Microsoft is bound to put the new product on sale while it's just a matter of time. According to their report, the age of Blu-ray drives is coming to us, especially in the industry of game console. But the notebook battery capacity and lifespan are the urgent unsolved problem to them and I think it will also arouse criticism among notebook users.

If so, there’re two trends to the industry, one for manufacturer and another for users.

As to manufacturer, unless they can reduce the consumption, there is bound to another better technology to substitute the Blu-ray drives and discs. Obviously, some high-end LCD screens are also the matched accessories for them. How to get the balance between these internal parts is the next urgent task to Microsoft and other manufacturers.

As to users, if you have already bought such a Blu-ray drive before learning about the potential dangers, you can replace your battery with a higher version. For example, a 9-cell long lasting notebook battery is a good replacement to the traditional 6-cell.

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