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Thursday, July 28, 2011

These years, many nations have come to pay attention to the recycling technology of lithium-ion batteries like USA and Japan. Even though lithium-ion battery is more green than lead-acid, Ni-cd and Ni-mh cells, it is still a problem to the industry to be pollution-free completely, especially for the dying batteries.

At present, only American Toxco Company has mastered such a technology of recycling, but the cost is even higher than the mining cost of lithium. For this reason, Department of Energy has decided to invest about $9.5 million dollars in this project.

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The technology of recycling lithium-ion batteries

The current technology is recycling is based by swing hammer crusher so as to separate the metal components from the cells. So is the charger. Before being cut, they will take use of liquefy nitrogen to cool down the whole device to be below 392°F. At that moment, the cells won’t have any physical or chemical reactions inside. Then they can take the whole lithium-ion battery into alkaline bath to dissolve, filter out lithium salts and extract lithium carbonate while the reminding will be dealt with together with other metals like cobalt.

RBRC presentation and the effects of recycling

Since 1990, Sony has release the first new lithium-ion battery, it has continued to be commercialized but the recycling is still unsolved in many places.

Nowadays, our nation has the best legislation in waste batteries pollution management with both recycling system and networks. The largest organization in USA, RBRC has taken efforts to popularize their recycling plan to the public and have got about more than 300 sponsors. Actually, they have also the sites in Canada and the quantity of dealt lithium-ion batteries are increasing at a very fast speed.

The ways for users to recycle their used lithium-ion batteries

As is known to all, we have different collection box of distinct colors. According to RBRC presentation, they have three ways to get the recycling lithium-ion batteries, retailers with RBRC agreement, community public service organization and their own direct recycling sites. In community, RBRC has provided free collection boxes and other materials to recycle and popularize the information about how to collect household batteries correctly. For retailers, they also provide some information about portable recharging cycles and they will send these batteries to RBRC regularly.

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