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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The security and technology development have become the two primary topics in the market while it seems to be hard to win the both. If so, which one will you choose for yourself?

Nowadays, the security is no longer equal to personal safety only but the performance of laptop computer and other electronic products. As is exemplified by lithium-ion batteries, many merchants declare to have standby time of 10 hours or 12 hours which is proved to be theoretical value instead of real performance. In my point of view, it is also a kind of security deficiency.

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What kind of security do you need?

The first matter for security is bound to be stable. These years, the accidents of explosion, fire and electric shock have frequently happened to laptop computer, iPod and so on. Such a consequence is really worryingly.

As to most of users, the security must be come from configuration, lifespan and real work. If the new laptop system or other parts cannot perform long and well enough, it is just a flash in the pan.

Which novel functions will make you insecure?

Except for battery standby time, some other parts like LCD screen, internal memory and mother board have also got some insecure factors. For example, blue-ray drives and 3D screen will reduce the battery standby time and lifespan, but nearly no manufacturer will tell users about it in advertisement.

Filled with a great joy, the users was just disappointed about the unintended consequences so that they couldn’t enjoy the new novel functions fully. Such conditions are common, especially for those new released additional functions.

Is it possible to enjoy those safe novel functions?

It is bound to the last stage of laptop computer development. Actually, even manufacturers cannot predict these insecure factors from design and performance. If possible, we recommend users to wait for at least a month to test all the functions by real market. I believe it is much better to observe the market reaction than to have an irrational selection at the early times.

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