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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

After visiting the Intel factory in February, he declared that he would nominate Intel CEO Paul Otellini to be the new member of President Employment and Competitive Committee. At the same time, Intel declared to invest about $5 billion dollars on the new factory. Is it related to the new adjusted policy? How much will it bring to our computer chips and development?

As is known to all, the topic that the Americans care most is just the jobs. These years, unemployment rate in USA is always keeping in a very high level while it has also provided Obama a very high pressure. This time, Obama decided to invite Intel to his employment committee. To be fortunate, this $5 billion dollars factory is just a gift to Americans that will create more than 8000 positions.


Chips are also important to Obama and USA

SIA recently has issued by press that the computer chips have played an important role in Americans economy while it needs large amount of fund and a suitable external environment to support the enterprises and introduced talents.

According to Thomas Fridman, the world is plain. With the help of Internet technology, global economic activities will complete with division of labor and cooperation. However, under such an environment, it hasn’t brought a lot to high-tech industry in USA. Especially for the manufacturing, more and more companies have transmitted into Asian and those of low labor cost. That is to say, the jobs are still an unsolved problem to Obama.

Anyway, in my point of view, if the suitable policies have reached in all the corners, the increasing and hungry customers will require more in computer chips and more other areas. That is to say, technicians, researchers, manufacturers and sellers are also required more and more in the society, which will be the root cause to accelerate development and get benefits from jobs.

From the last global financial crisis, it has taught us that it is no longer effective to seek quick success and instant benefits while the globalization of sustainable development will become an inevitable trend. If you consider the Internet world to be plain, I think it still needs some movement. Or maybe Thomas will give us a new word.

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