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Sunday, August 7, 2011

It is usually a desirable place for people to enjoy the air conditioning, Wi-Fi network and laptop power socket in Starbucks. More and more users come from office or school to Starbucks to have a wonderful day there. However, as most of them have occupied a lot of them there, it has become a difficult problem to get a spare socket.

Starbucks, laptop power supply

Recently, a portion of Starbucks store in New York has blocked their power socket. According to their announcement, they hope users can leave after the batteries are used up.

In addition to laptop power supply, the laptop computer is another big problem that can occupy a big space so that other customers just cannot find a place to put their coffee cups.

If you have come across such a changing issue in Starbucks, we recommend users to have an extended life battery as backup. Whether the sockets are all occupied or blocked, it means we cannot stay in Starbucks with laptop work long enough. As to those who need to have a complex project or preparation for a negotiation, without coffee there, it will take away a lot of inspiration from there.

Recently, extended life batteries have become more and more popular in the market not only because of the requirements of long standby time but also of high laptop consumption. Especially for those who need to handle with some complicated programs in notebook, it is tragic to use up all the power energy even before they have finished their coffee.

With the technology developed, some more powerful batteries like super capacitor or solar versions are released. Although they are not popularized to the public, they have threatened our lives to some extent. Moreover, some manufacturers have also invented a new device that can convert the mechanical energy into electric energy. That is to say, without power socket, it is definitely possible for users to have continuous power energy.

In this way, it has provided Starbucks a more difficult problem. After all, power socket block is impossible to solve all. It is still uncertain who can change whom in usage attitude and patterns.

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