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Thursday, August 4, 2011

We have witnessed that the computer data, programs or even system can be killed by hackers before. It is really a horrible experience to personal users or even business owners. But nowadays, the famous hacker Charlie Miller has released that he could control Apple laptop computer flexibly to kill the Apple laptop battery.

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He told us that as long as he had succeeded to delete or come around the built-in protection mechanism, it was definitely possible for him to control the Apple laptop batteries easily, which has surprised a lot of people and insiders in our industry. After all, it is hard to identify the root cause and problems by normal users.

At present, he has the ability to consume all the power energy of a lithium-ion laptop battery and make it to be overcharging or overheating. Meanwhile, a fuse inside can prevent the batteries from explosion or fire. Although it won’t hurt the users, the loss for Apple users is also very seriously.

The primary work principle of such a hacker measurement is to adjust the remaining capacity and make the control chips and battery indicating system confused about the correct identification.

As long as users’ Apple notebook has been infected by OS X, the malicious software can control the battery work situations. As a matter of fact, Apple has taken use of a new battery chip from Texas Instrument, which is composed by three chips in all. Since Apple has never replaced their battery part controlling system password, all the intelligent battery firmware is likely to be at a very high risk.

Several months before, we have still remembered the Apple new system and Windows 7 have the improper battery capacity indicating information. Some users complained that their batteries can only last for a few minutes and it is proved to be the problems of indicators. Is it possible the resource of inspiration for the hackers?

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