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Monday, August 1, 2011

Even though we are accustomed to charge the batteries for cell phone, laptop computer and other consumer electronics, it is not the matter we are willing to do. Actually, some examples of quartz electronic watches can be a good idea to handle with the lithium-ion batteries. Will other devices be handled by this way?

According to the report of ANU (Australian National University), a kind of forever battery has come out from their cooperation project with RMIT University. Their physics and engineering research institute told us that this new battery will overturn the knowledge of batteries and even the whole industry.

These years, three doctors from ANU have insisted to develop the technology of new batteries that can convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy by nanotechnology. If it has successfully achieved, the new battery can be applied to cell phone, computer, pacemaker and so on.

Nanotechnology, piezoelectrics, batteries

The key breakthrough of this technology has come down to the combination of piezoelectrics and thin film technology.

As is known to all, the thin film separator has got a great significance to battery in terms of Ionic conduction ability which is directly related to the overall performance. It can not only help the electronics to transform between anode and cathode but also protect the cells from overloading, overheating and short circuit.

Piezoelectrics is a component that can create enough electricities by squeezing or stretching. Crystal (alpha quartz) is a famous piezoelectric crystal that has installed in quartz electronic watches that can both provide enough power energy and keep the good time.

batteries, mechanical energy, electrical energy

As to the other consumer electronics, users just need to work on their cell phones or laptop touch screen, keyboard and it will help us to charge the battery automatically. It seems to be very convenient and environmentally friendly.

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