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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nowadays, Apple is not only the myth of consumer electronics market but has threatened many large laptop and cell phone brands seriously. All walks of life come to take use of iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook, Powerbook and so on. Even the Koreans who used to be faithful to their domestic cell phones just cannot resist the temptations of iPhone.

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Actually, the story of Apple development has been recorded into the history while many other business owners come to analysis and learn from Apple. But I am going to discuss with you whether the strategy or the society has brought Apple such a great success.

Traced back to the history, many large brands have occupied a large market share before. At that moment, Nokia, Intel, Microsoft and other enterprises have all become the symbol of a certain consumer electronic sort. However, nowadays no one of them can be on a par with iPhone, Mac os X and other Apple products.

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Under this circumstance, we just cannot deny that the society can choose the brands and customers are hard to be accustomed to only Apple or other brands.

It is certainly that the achievement of Steve Jobs and Apple are closely related to innovation and other requirements of terminal users, including spirits, appearance and identity embodiment. The new goods come out from generation to generation. Although iPhone 5 hasn’t released, all sorts of rumours have already filled the market.

In the fast developing era, all the news and information will be enlarged, especially for those large enterprises that have good relationship with social media. As is exemplified with Apple, supposed the news hasn’t popularized to the public in time, maybe its influence will be reduced to a great extent. So are all the operators, device manufacturers, terminal enterprises and so on. In addition, they have to know that the users are most important part of their business strategy. Just like progenitor cells, they will determine if the new organism is vigorous or not in the industry.

Anyway, we have to admit that Apple is just a contemporary successful company of this age. It is still uncertain how long such a great market share can last for. Better than the strategies or technologies, I think it is reasonable to analyze the characteristics of the society, the terminal users and the age development tendency. Then you could be next Jobs and your company would be next Apple.

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