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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Actually, in this summer, we have suffered from high temperature for a long time while it seems that it is a little bit late to talk about this method. However, confronted with many laptop computers failure, I think it is necessary to give out some effective emergency treatments.

high temperature, laptop computers

How to reduce the consumption, emission and save power energy?

At the age of low carbon and going green, we should pay more attentions to power management. As to Windows 7, there’re two modes for power options, balanced and power saver. For both modes, you take use of battery and laptop charger as power source.

Among all the laptop accessories, LCD screen is one of the biggest parts that need dissipate heat. At the same time we can be satisfied in visual requirements, it is best to dim the screen. If decreasing the waiting time of closing the screen and entering into laptop sleep mode, we can not only save more power energy but can also reduce consumption and heat from all the laptop parts that are not in use. In addition, some work temperature indicating and monitoring software are also necessary. As to game players, please rest your laptop fully if you need to play 3D games on it.

Dust extraction and radiator selection

After using the laptop computers for some periods, there’s a lot of dust built up at the air outlet. Once the heat cannot be released from inner side, high temperature will be stored in CPU, motherboard, graphics card and other hardware.

To avoid blocking, it is necessary to clear the dust. Of course, if your laptop computers are still in warranty, please take it to the suppliers to clear up, including rear cover, fan, radiating fin and replacing silicone grease. They can not only reduce the inside heat but can also improve the capacity of heat-transmission.

As to radiator, there’re many kinds of versions for reference, such as plate, wind type and Air suction type notebook radiator. We need to select according to the functions, size, power and primary materials. Among them, metal ones are the best choice as they can absorb more heat.

If you are unwilling to purchase a new radiator, there’re some small tips for you. Please put a small book under the laptop computers and keep the air outlet fully contact with outside world. Besides, laptop AC adapter should have good heat elimination if you don’t want to get more heat when receiving power energy.

At last, some methods about disk cleanup and boot start programs are also very important. All that I have given out today are only a part of resisting high temperature if you need more about laptop computer hardware news, please keep close watch on us.

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