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Monday, August 22, 2011

In the International Trade Commission today, Microsoft accused Moto for infringement in Android cell phone technologies. Whether it is the truth or speculation, it is evidently that the cell phone age is coming.

Microsoft accuse moto, google

Last year, Microsoft began to accuse Moto Android cell phone in multiple patent rights, including e-mail, calendar, contacting synchronous and so on. They claimed that the patents of wireless and video coding have taken use of their technologies of XBOX. Soon after that, Moto launched a counterattack towards Microsoft PC, Windows Mobile, XBOX products, server software and other 16 items.

Whether who will be the winner of this lawsuit, the loser has to stop selling all of their relevant products. And the final ruling will be given out in 2012.

Since Google has purchased Moto, all kinds of rumours have filled the whole market. Once Moto loses the lawsuit, it is bound to be the failure of Google. Why did Google pick up such a great gauntlet? Do they want to protect the Android system, judgment error or it is just the symbol of cell phone age exordium.

cell phone age

After Windows phone 7 has released, there’s no updated version for Windows Phone system. Some insiders have revealed that the new Windows phone is possible to be lower than Android cell phone.

Yesterday, Skype has also agreed to purchase GroupMe, a Mobile phone group chat facilitator. Obviously, it can enhance the Skype cell phone service and technologies for personal users.

Nowadays, more and more users come to browse the websites, news, chatting or shopping on the Internet by cell phones. The success of Apple has also come down to iPhone more than Macbook air while iPad is another way to absorb the merits of cell phone, to be more convenient in portability and communication.

Supposed the cell phone age has come to us, a real powerful revolution will occur eventually in the industry of hardware and software. As an accessory supplier, USB Phone World is just observing and watching the times. And even HP has given up their PC business, what will be changed in the near future?

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