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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In all ages, many records have been broken in this technology world. IBM has occupied the high-end computer market for a long time. Microsoft has got a very large market share for many years. And Apple has surpassed all of them to be the boss in stock market and consumer electronics industry. Even so, the history has been changed and changed frequently. That is to say, no one can monopolize the technology world.

Users are the king of this new emerging world

Obviously, the terminal users are final adjudicators to determine who can win the market share at last. As to IBM Thinkpad laptop computers, businessmen need a laptop with high-end internal structure, high configuration and honourable appearance. Students pursue for high cost performance and ladies prefer to light and slim versions.

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To be more surprised, Microsoft has occupied most of PC in the world. Even if nowadays, Apple has expanded its market to be larger and larger, no one can ignore the influence of Windows system thanks to user requirements. After all, they can be compatible to many PC computers, running programs, software and so on.

Comparatively, although Apple hasn’t achieved the good compatibility, Mac system has got its unique appearance, functions and technological process that are satisfied by many Apple fans and innovative guys. Especially for many games for Apple consumer electronics, they are popularized by terminal users in this age.

It is an age with unique culture that can select the champion.

Tablet computer has increased its influence from now on. IPad has become another new emerging product after iPhone. At the same time, Google is working hard to developing its Android system. But it is hard to determine the winner only by the technology while the culture of age can give us more useful information.

steve jobs

Evidently, Steve Jobs has already become a symbol of this age and will be written into the annals of history. They have high requirements, expectations and innovations that have not only meet the demands of high-end customers but attract many more users from new generations. Since the traditional consumer electronics have dominated for so long, we are all eager to come across a different interesting revolution. At that moment, Apple has brought us what we want just as we need to prove ourselves by Thinkpad in the past.

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