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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Have you already bought a high-capacity battery but not last for long enough? Or does your battery come to be reduced in standby time and capacity to a great extent? It is reported by the industry that more than 30% laptop batteries cannot last for more than even one hour. Who has swallowed the power energy?

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WiFi and other wireless devices

Nowadays, more and more laptop computers are able to support Bluetooth and WiFi. Under normal circumstance, they will be in work once the computer is power on. According to the report, Bluetooth devices can consume about 1W for one device. Although it is not very high by the appearance, users can search for more from the surroundings so as to reduce the standby time rapidly. So is WiFi. If it is not in use, please close it and you can save about more than half an hour.

power energy, laptop battery

Power management programs

At present, many laptop users have installed a power management program in the system to adjust from diverse power mode by different work situations. Actually, some large brands like IBM and Sony laptops are just born with a management system. However, as to some other brands or models, if the program is not well enough or not compatible to yours, it will be out of work or even waste power energy. After all, the accidents of improper indicting information have occurred to us before.

Laptop startup boot options

As is known to all, CPU is the primary component to laptop computers while it will consume about one-third of power energy. In the process of startup, the higher occupancy rate is for CPU, the more power will be consumed. Therefore, if you can close more unused programs and items from the boot options list, it can not only improve the work efficiency but extend the standby time evidently. According to the industrial report, if CPU is in full load state, the consumption is likely to be doubled compared to normal use.

To get more power energy and last longer, please optimize your laptop system according to the instructions as above. We believe your battery, whether it is Lenovo Thinkpad, HP Compaq laptop battery or other brands, is bound to perform better than before.

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