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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

HP, as the largest PC computer manufacturer, has occupied a large market share for a long time. Faced with such a big cake, I believe no one will ignore it. As to Dell, it is really a very good opportunity to catch up with the times and occupy the advantageous situations as soon as possible.

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According to the columnist of MarketWatch, John C. Dvorak, HP has already given up the business department of before while it is time for Dell to take over the hegemonic position. As a matter of fact, such a position and market share is very easy to Dell according to the current situations. However, they have to solve their own problems first and accept the suggestions from outside world instead of insisting on the tactical errors.

With high cost performance desktop and laptop computers, their products are popularized in many areas of the world. Dell is able to beat HP and even Apple to catch the marginalized regions, such as Asia, China and other nations.

To be sure, the attitudes of Apple and HP have come to have some changes while they are considering to bid farewell to the PC computer industry. Whatever, as to Dell, this is a chance once in a blue moon. Under the high pressures from the whole stock market, the share price of Dell is supposed to be with some discounts in a time if they haven’t got any revolution in business or technologies.

About 15 years ago, an insider of business circles has got some evaluations on Dell and founder Michael Dell. He said that the root cause for Dell to achieve success is because he had never made any strategic error before. Even so, he is not a lead filled with imagination and charms, but he is really such a great strategist.

However, these years, the development and situations of Dell come to be not so good as before. Once, Dell has considered iPod as a flash in the pan while their tablet products have the similar failure with a depressed market.

Meanwhile, among the major works of Dell, the PC computer and some laptop products haven’t aroused great interests in the market. If Dell is still such a great strategist as before, it is unreasonable for him to make such a mistake while some relevant remedial measures are necessary. That is to say, to take over the market share of PC industry, Dell needs to find a new way with proper development tendency.

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