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Sunday, September 4, 2011

- Apple Sues Android for Its Creation Concept

Recently, the Android system is indicted by Apple that Andy Rubin, the founder of Android has copied the concept of Apple system. As a matter of fact, Andy has been working at Apple once upon time. No matter what the truth is, it seems that the concept has become more and more important. Will it be of greater significance to technologies?

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Apple has already sued HTC by International Trade Commission. They said that HTC has infringed many patents of Apple. According to HTC, Rubin has been engaged into some work of mobile platform. At that moment, Rubin is work for General Magic.

As to this issue, Apple has got distinct opinion. Although Rubin has actually worked for General Magic and Danger in last century, he has become a member of Apple later. As a junior engineer, he needed to report to his inventor about his 263 patent while this patent has fulfilled already. Without doubt, Android system has just taken advantage some subsystem technologies of this 263 patent.

Although it is a case between Apple and HTC, it is evidently that such an operation has shown that Apple is initiating to have a war with Google. That is to say, the primary technology of Android system has great influence in the market. If Apple has successfully won the case, it means Google has to stop to release the old or new updated Android system.

Subsystem technologies of this 263 patent are a part of work for Apple. Even if it hasn’t taken a great part of IOS system or other products, the concept of this patent has been paid more attentions by Apple. Obviously, they don’t care what the technologies are, but they need to ensure if such a great concept has been applied to other devices and brands.

As is known to all, both conception and technology are core values of Apple. Especially for iPhone and iPad, the succeess of these new items has occupied a large market share. Actually, as long as you have acknowledged the internal structure or purchased the patent, other manufacturers are able to take the technologies. Comparatively, the updating rate and concepts of Apple are hard to imitate. In my point of view, that is the root cause for Apple to sue Android system.

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