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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The whole industry is always developing with time goes by while the magnate is also changing between several large brands, such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM and so on. However, it is really hard to say who has contributed most to the whole world.

According to a report from business insider, more than 50% terminal users consider that Microsoft has more contributions to Apple to change the world. Some insiders also consider that such an opinion is likely to fill many other nations.

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Recently, Microsoft has come to an agreement, including some patented applied to Acer and View Sonic Android tablet computer and smart phone. They said that it can solve the problems of property rights for Acer and View Sonic in Android devices. In 2003, Microsoft has released their new projects of intellectual property rights authorization. Up till now, they have already got more than 700 items in agreement and continue to help customers, cooperators and competitors to take use of the patents of Microsoft.

Comparatively, Apple is always working hard to change the whole world and industry by all sorts of revolutions in technologies and concepts. However, from the influence point of view, Microsoft can win more. The contributions can be divided into two parts one for software and another for PC.

Someone has ever considered that Microsoft has seized the innovation of Apple, such as graphical user interface. However, in fact, this interface of Apple is also learned from Xerox PARC. On the other hand, it is mostly that those who have changed the world are not the one has put forward ideas but executor. In this aspect, Microsoft has got more advantages that they have updated their software and hardware frequently.

At present, the scale of Apple is very large and with high work efficiency and they can get the best price from suppliers. Such as Macintosh, Model T, they have released great revolution to the whole world.

Although Apple has initiated to strike back, the influence of Microsoft is greater than Apple in the whole world. We can be fond of Apple products, but there’s no doubt that people have realized the magic power of software and PC that has brought Microsoft to thousands of households.

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