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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

With the Tablet PC has become more and more popular, the whole industry is filled with all sorts of competitors. At present, laptop computers are still widely used by terminal users while the whole market share is in the process of fast developing. Accordingly, the requirements of laptop AC adapter have become higher and higher to be smaller, lighter, more powerful, cheaper and so on. Today, we will have a look at the internal structure and work principle about it.

laptop ac adapter, internal structure

As to most of users, laptop computers will be underloading or standby conditions for a long period. Compared to the higher loading conditions of 25%, 50%, 75% or more, it needs more improvements to deal with low loading circumstances, which has higher requirements on power supply and other parts.

In fact, to perform well, a laptop AC adapter needs to be good in these following characteristics.

Short circuit protection – We need to ensure if the output power is possible to handle short circuit or other damages. When the problems have been solved, the AC adapter should be recovered from protection mode in time and provide enough output power once again.

Over voltage protection – Under the conditions the loop circuit is broken, the AC adapter has to stop working and keep in this condition before users have restarted.

Over temperature protection – If the temperature of laptop AC adapter has surpassed a certain value, it is at a very high risk. To avoid such a condition, we need to monitor temperature continuously by thermal sensor. As long as the temperature is over the nominal value, the adapter will keep closed and will recover when the temperature comes to be reduced.

Over power protection – As to some laptop chargers, we also need to confirm it won’t be short-circuited in reality if the consumed loading electric current is over the nominal value while the maximum current can be controlled.

All these parts are distinct in laptop chargers of different output power, such as 65W, 75W, 90W, 130W and so on. Thanks to these characteristics in circuits and components, we are able to handle the work situations well with high work efficiency. That is why users can charge smoothly by these high-quality AC adapters in USB Phone World.

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