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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Have you already considered about your laptop battery last time? Recently, Dell has released their new product, Dell Vostro V131 laptop computer. As the youngest and most slim laptop, it has won great attentions from the industry. However, do you know that the most attractive factor is its very long standby time? According to a Dell insider, this new Dell Vostro laptop battery is likely to last for nearly 10 hours.

Dell vostro laptop battery, last time, 10 hours

With time goes by, users come to have higher and higher requirements on consumer electronics. Under this circumstance, manufacturers have taken all efforts to improve the configuration and other performance. Nowadays, we need to meet with all sorts of challenges in business.

Sam Burd, the VP of consumer electronics and small and medium-sized enterprise products division said that we just hope to supply more high-quality products of high work efficiency and multi functions. Finally, we decided to release this powerful laptop computer. The excellent performance, good appearance and portability will make us more conveniently in use. In addition, this Dell V131 laptop will also provide more fruitful solutions in service and software that can keep the data more security.

Standby time is the most challenged problem to small and medium-sized enterprise users. And it is very urgent for them to fully charge and get more power energy from laptop batteries, especially for those who need to go outside frequently.

Actually, limited by chemical sciences technology, it is not so easy for us to expand the capacity and increase the last time. Therefore, such a powerful Dell Vostro laptop battery is really a great revolution as to this industry. Although I have no idea if all the Dell users can get such a long standby time 10 hours, it has shown us the possibility of electrochemical properties development for lithium-ion batteries. Whether you are going to buy this Dell Vostro V131 laptop or not, it is a developing tendency to us and such a bright future is closer and closer to us.

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