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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

As is known to us, the lithium-ion laptop batteries have relied on nanotechnology to develop in performance. All of us have realized the importance lithium-ion cells and relevant nanotechnologies. Recently, it is reported that IBM and Intel has invested on Nano technology startup computer with more than $4 billion dollars.

Have you ever thought that you can make an embedded to be a very large solar laptop battery? Actually, it is just the powerful functions of nanotechnology. From now on, we need only a few seconds to fully charge the cell phone batteries that should be charged for hours before. It is also said that it is likely to beat the cancer cells.

nanotechnology, lithium-ion batteries

In the area of nanotechnology, the primary challenge is related to how to apply it more economically and efficiently. Essentially, nano devices can complete self-construction, whose system has great difference from the traditional manufacturing technologies.

Last month, an IEEE Nano conference is held in Portland, Oregon. A great number of insiders from the whole world have gathered here to discuss about the development tendency of nanotechnologies in new areas and functions.

A processor of California University has said that they are having researches in control electronic and photonic interactive aspects. Thereby, we can produce solar and lithium-ion laptop battery more efficiently with lower production cost. It can not only improve the solar power technology but will change the mains supply resource thoroughly as well. Supposed it is applied in business areas and residential buildings.

These years, the performance of lithium-ion laptop batteries has developed very rapidly and will be more evidently from now on. Can you imagine that your laptop computer and cell phone can be fully charged by only a few seconds? It is really impossible before, but it can be realized by unique nanotechnology applied in graphite that can expand the storage capacity. As these materials have larger surface, it will be a backup proposal that is more economic and environmental friendly than fossil fuel.

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