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Thursday, September 29, 2011

How importance is a replacement laptop battery for you? What do you think your next lithium-ion battery for laptop will be? There’s no denying that it is a key point for users to select a suitable replacement battery while how can we judge if the certain device is the right one? Here, let me give you some tips on selecting laptop batteries in USB Phone World.

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If you are not about to get a universal AC adapter, the specs are of great significance.

It is certainly that before you have considered about any other factors, the most pioneer thing to do is checking it the certain battery is of the suitable compatibility which includes compatible laptop model, old battery parts number, the interface, battery shell, size, shape, protection circuits, nominal values and so on. To be more conveniently, users can also take use of compatible laptop model or battery parts number to search for your own laptop battery replacement.

Followed by compatibility, it comes by to be the specs. As to most of laptop batteries, there’re several versions for your reference with different output power. As to those who need to get longer standby time, the higher capacity version is supposed to be a good choice.

As a matter of fact, it is the regulations to lithium-ion battery that the output voltage value is fixed while we are able to increase the output current to expand the capacity and output power. That is why some users have seen that the wattage and current are different from the original batteries they have used before while the output voltage is the same.

Except for the specs of destination batteries, the specs of your laptop AC adapter are also vital in actual work. As a rule, the output voltage and current is bound to the higher than that of laptop battery. Otherwise, it is likely to reduce the charging rate or running speed to some extent.

Some additional tips that users need to pay attention before making decisions.

As is frequently asked, our high-capacity laptop batteries are usually a little bit bigger than the standard versions. Installed with more lithium-ion cells inside, to expand the capacity, we have to enlarge the battery in size. Even so, they can also fit with laptop computers well with precise interface and good contact. On the other hand, users can regard the extra part of high-capacity laptop battery to be a base support that can help users and their computers to contact with air fully to cool down.

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