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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It is really the only thing worse than the damage that you have purchased a refurbished laptop computer. Especially for students, it will be a large economic loss that will make them feel bad for a long period. As a matter of fact, some official manufacturers have also got their own refurbished laptop computers in the repository.

Nowadays, there’re many kinds of IBM laptop computers that have been refurbished frequently. As is packed precisely, it is really hard to figure out by the appearance only. However, these laptop computers have got only one year warranty for the whole device and are much cheaper than the brand new versions.

If you are careful enough, there’re some details for your reference to identify the difference.

refurbished laptop computers

On the bottom of refurbished laptop computers, there’s a small counter mark indicating “This product is refurbished and contains use parts. It is a very important signal for us to identify if it is a brand new computer. Besides, please pay attention if there’re the traces of tearing away there.

Another signal is listed in the instruction book. As for refurbished laptop computers, there’s a similar mark in the instruction books. It is obviously for users to figure out if certain products have taken advantage of refurbished parts with one year warranty.

Except for OEM manufacturer refurbished laptops, it seems to be harder to figure out others. Please review the following tips.

1. The appearance of laptop computer. Due to poor technique in package, the details in the interface or contact are not so smooth and shine.

2. Fixed screw. Generally, merchants will purchase some used computers and upload. Then the screws have got some scuff marks.

3. LCD screen. As the screen is sensitive and slim, after being burnished, there will be scuff marks that are hard to sweep away.

4. The odor of laptop computers. After opening the package, refurbished versions usually have got the smelling of industrial cleaning materials.

5. Laptop computer serial-number. It is usually listed on the bottom of laptop computer and we need to check it such a counter mark is altered or not. And then please go into the BIOS to check if both serial numbers are the same.

6. Laptop battery. The remaining power energy for brand new laptop computers won’t be too high. No mentioned fully charged. If possible, please go to the BIOS to learn about the used and remaining rechargeable cycles.

7. Various accessories. It is necessary for users to check the grant accessories, including driver discs, instruction book, warranty card and so on. By comparison, it is evidently for us to figure out the truth of certain products. If some of them are not available, please don’t buy it in a hurry.

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