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Monday, October 24, 2011

It has a long history since storage batteries have been produced and release to the public. With time goes by, they come to develop in performance, capacity, technology and so on. However, it seems that there’s no evident changes occurred to the internal structure of laptop battery. Since so, a kind of solid-state batteries have been discovered and is supposed to be more secure and environmental friendly.

solid-state batteries

From lead-acid, Ni-mh batteries to Li-ion batteries, the cells need to be drenched by liquid electrolyte and have chemical reactions to create electric current. The state of both solid and liquid will inevitably lead to expand the size of laptop battery, which is bound to have some hazards like weeping. Comparatively, solid-state batteries are regarded as more attractive solutions.

As is exemplified by lithium-ion batteries, the volume of laptop battery can be reduced by a half if inorganic ceramic materials have substituted flammable liquid electrolyte. At the same time, high conductivity primary materials deficiency has hindered the development of solid-state batteries for laptop while it has higher requirements on production device and workmanship.

Taking advantage of thin-film solar solid, there’re two solutions for laptop battery to have upgraded recharging cycles and complete charging in a few minutes. At present, scientists have successfully established rudiment of solid-state film batteries and have been put into mass production.

Such a technology has also accelerated the development of laptop battery by 10 or even 100 times in performance and basic characteristics. It has also attracted many investors from the whole world of this industry.

Soli-state laptop battery has improved the performance in all aspects and can meet the increasing requirements of the market by reducing the battery thickness and weight of at least 30 percent. It is also said that the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries will be extended obviously. To be more important, since it has been put into mass production, the production cost of solid-state batteries can also be reduced rapidly.

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