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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Have you ever troubled by incorrect indicating information about laptop batteries? Nowadays, there’s a sort of new smart laptop batteries installed with microcontroller inside that can not only predict the standby time of certain battery accurately but adjust the data in BIOS automatically.

After using your tablet or laptop computer for a few months, you will figure out that the standby time comes to be reduced effectively. That is to say, if your original battery can last for about two hours in early times, it is possible to last for only one hour at present. The reasons of this problems have include power supply damage, lack of power, incompatible AC adapter, wrong battery indicator, overheating factors or host charging circuit faults.

microcontroller for Smart laptop batteries

Usually, most of laptop and tablet computers have taken advantage of smart lithium-ion batteries right now. Based on the microcontroller system, users can not only predict last time but the rechargeable cycles as well.

Please check if it is the usage method you have in regular work. After working by the laptop battery for an hour, you have plugged it into the external power supply before it is discharged fully. Actually, this method won’t reduce the battery performance but will lead to wrong battery indicating information. At that moment, the internal system of laptop batteries come to be confused about the capacity inside and ask for help and tell Windows system that it is lack of power energy. However, the remaining power energy can support the laptop for a long time. That is why some notebooks have shut down automatically after using for only a short time.

The work principle of battery calibration procedure is to recalculate the standby time and rechargeable cycles of certain smart laptop batteries. The effects are supposed to be better than activation, charging and discharging for more than three times. And it will also adjust the information in BIOS.

As a matter of fact, such a microcontroller system is unable to extend the battery life or standby time in reality but help smart laptop batteries to have the correct accurate reference information. Therefore, it is obviously to see if it is the problem of battery or indicating system if it comes to be reduced in standby time rapidly. In some cases, the charging rate will be slower if the microcontroller system is working hard to calibrate.

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