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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Speaking of standby time, different users have their own answers just as there are 1,000 Hamlets in 1,000 people's minds. For this reason, it is a complex problem for users to learn about their own standby time. We have summarized some factors to influence on laptop battery performance.

With netbook and slim laptop computer to be more and more popular, standby time of laptop battery has attracted more and more attentions from users while manufacturers have put into more energy to develop the technologies, which has brought us a lot of hope to enjoy the updated standby time.

laptop battery, standby time

Although all laptop brands have their attractive advertisements about standby time, users cannot enjoy such a powerful function as is claimed by merchants. What’s wrong? Actually, there’s a misunderstanding relevant to users work situations and battery usage loads. As to the consumption of power energy, manufacturers still need to provide users the actual standby time instead of theoretical value.

If so, how did the manufacturers get such theoretical value of standby time? According to the examination of certain laptop brand insiders, nominal values are turned out under certain work situations instead of actual work. Similarly, such a problem has also occurred to some other laptop suppliers. If only we haven’t got any operation, the theoretical standby time will be available to us.

Then, let’s have a look what kind of configuration is preferred by laptop?

As to Intel standard processor, there’s a new upgraded version with low voltage that has adopted the new system to extend the standby time. If users can work with battery management software, the performance will be better.

In addition, some laptops with integrated graphics have lower consumption that can save more power energy for standby time. Graphics chips GPU is another power consumed device except for CPU.

At last, it is of great importance for users to have a lithium-ion battery of large capacity. Therefore, please pay attention to the mAh value when selecting a battery replacement and compared to the old original version.

Anyway, configuration is only a part factor to influence on laptop standby time. There’re many other factors, such as usage methods. Please pay attention to your own work situations, judge and calculate the battery standby time.

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by: USB Phone World