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Thursday, November 3, 2011

We used to endure many functions to laptop computer and accessories before to meet the increasing requirements. We hope our notebook can be more conveniently, endure more data and realize more amazing functions. Under this circumstance, have you imagined if our laptop charger turns to be intelligentized?

Recently, since Apple has released their new product iPhone 4s, many insiders are talking about Siri, the new personal speech assistant. It is said that such a new function can substitute human beings to some extent steps by steps. Actually, Apple has become a symbol of the whole industry in development tendency and technologies.

laptop charger, ac adapter, intelligentized

Comparatively, except for output voltage and current, there seems to be little different and change occurred to laptop charger for a very long time. Such situation has great influence on consumer electronics and laptop computers while researchers and scientists have try all the ways to realize those illusions.

When the laptop AC adapter is able to learn about the requirements of laptop system automatically, the internal circuits know how much power energy is needed and the charger adjust according to motherboard work pressure, internal memory space, work temperature, battery capacity and other relevant factors.

Just like sleeping, this kind of new laptop chargers can also realize self-renovation and charging similar to human beings. And it has learned about the social work principle and can be adapted to different work conditions gradually. In addition, if it can no longer rely on the external power supply, it will be more conveniently, such as universal, solar and worldwide compatible AC adapter. These intelligentized power supply chargers will bring us a new start of the industry that can get us rid of the ties from outlet, socket, temperature, system, running programs and other elements.

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