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Sunday, November 20, 2011

When the cell phone has played a more and more important role in our actual life, it is obviously that mobile location has been taken full advantage in all aspects. We can learn about the surrounding stores, services and anything we required by mobile location. Comparatively, another portable electronic product laptop computer hasn’t played so well in this way.

Since 3G network has been popularized in the market, especially for tablet computer, more and more users begin to enjoy the new emerging fast running network and service. Compared to the past situations, we just don’t need to play with our laptop computers with fixed location, which has brought more to laptops.

Mobile location, laptop computer

Certainly, such a new technology mobile location has already been used by cell phone and laptop users to some extent. The mobile IP address can bring us more about our life surroundings, relevant information, e-maps, and other urgent items. In search engines, users can get some more accurate results if the robot can catch our portable IP address intelligently.

It is certainly that to improve the functions of laptop computer, standby time of laptop battery is a key point to determine if we can extend it enough. That is why cell phone has surpassed more time to our daily life while iPad has increasing its sales volume even if it still cannot substitute laptop computers in core technologies.

According to BBC, lithium-ion batteries have got great revolution recently while the standby time is possible to be increased by 10 times in about 5 years. If so, we can not only play with laptop computer fully for a whole day but can work without AC adapter regularly. If any customers need to work or have entertainments with laptop computer, laptop battery won’t be a limitation any more. Such a technology will also be applied into tablet computer, cell phone and other electronic products.

There’s no denying that any merchant or manufacturer can no longer ignore the development rate of cell phone while mobile location is regarded as core competitiveness. Faced with such a great competitor, it is time for laptop computer to improve according to updated customer requirements.

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