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Monday, November 14, 2011

There’s no denying that many large brands have run into some accidents in their lithium-ion laptop batteries while most of them are caused by overheating. It is frequently occurred to internal circuits to be overheating, overcharging or overloading if we don’t have proper design in the protection circuit and other circuit boards.

lithium-ion laptop battery, protection circuit

It is known to all that lithium-ion laptop battery is composed by lithium-ion cells, protection circuits, chip board, IC board, fireproofing shells and so on. It is obviously that all these parts are important to ensure the quality and other performance of compatibility, durability, security, stability and other factors.

For this reason, our designers and workers have worked hard in the process of manufacturing with secondary protection design for the internal structure. As to the lithium-ion cells, different brands and specifications have got different quality and capacity. Except for cells, the overheating factors have great influence on the protection circuits and other parts.

Have you ever figured out that some laptop batteries have reduced the performance more rapidly than others? As a matter of fact, some of these batteries and chargers come to be very high in the work temperature even if they haven’t been used for a long period.

There’s an additional part that have been adopted by more and more manufactures and lithium-ion laptop batteries in the inner part. The heat filter and radiating fin are necessary to keep these electronic products working under good conditions instead of instability and overheating.

In addition, the precise internal circuits have also helped the lithium-ion laptop battery to transfer the power energy more smoothly with longer lifespan. On no account can be pursue for high profits without thinking hard about the quality of products in all aspects. Therefore, please pay attention to the work temperature and actual capacity in BIOS when selecting and checking the new battery replacement.

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