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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recently, the problem of iPhone 4s has come down to all aspects while the most significant part is related to lithium-ion battery standby time. It is known to all that users usually don’t have enough standby time if they have got an iPhone 4 or 4s. However, according to a professional test, the root cause is not the lithium-ion battery but internal programs of cell phone.

Iphone 4s

It is reported that the production cost of iPhone 4s is about $199 while the lithium-ion batteries are regarded as one of the cheapest part inside. As a matter of fact, the core value of Apple doesn’t rely on the battery or lithium-ion cells technologies but other accessories, such as touch screen, chip and so on.

As it is relevant to chemical science, on no account can we put the lithium-ion batteries together with other hardware in development rate, standby time in particular. The only factor that we can improve refers to stability, compatibility and security.

In the past, some accidents about Apple products explosion have occurred in Japan, which is led by lithium-ion cell phone battery. That is to say, if we cannot ensure about the important basic characteristics, longer standby time is still in vain.

After installing the new iOS 5 operation system, iPhone 4s is of high consumption while it can last for nearly less than a whole day. According to Apple, the problem is possible to be related to system bug and some programs can solve the problem to some extent.

Nevertheless, an unknown iPhone application developer has reported his test on iPhone 4 and 4s towards the lithium-ion battery and standby time. He told us that the root cause is the software and cell phone configuration instead of any hardware.

He has had experiment with two iPhone4S, one for regular work and another for test. These two phones are purchased at the same time from Apple official store and taken advantage of AT&T network with iOS 5.0.1 system. However, the result is that the one hasn’t installed the new program inside has run into battery problem in the battery indicator while another hasn’t.

It is obviously that iPhone 4s hasn’t got poor lithium-ion battery even if it is not high in cost, technology and short in standby time. The fact is that software and system bug should be improved in time by Apple that can recover the whole iPhone from difficult positions.

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