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Sunday, November 27, 2011

As to laptop, tablet computer, many kinds of sayings have existed in the market about the development tendency and market share in the near future. It is evidently that the standby time of lithium-ion battery is regarded as the decisive factor that can influence on tablet and laptop computer to the great extent.

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Since the tablet computer has been born, there’re many options towards its future development while they are said to be hard to substitute laptop computer. Whether it is true or not, in my point of view, either laptop or tablet is different from each other in requirements and functions.

Although in this black Friday, flatscreen TV has surpassed many other hot electronic devices to be the most popular gift, it is inevitable that portable electronic products are bound to the necessities to many businessmen, personal users and other relevant customers. If so, the most urgent issue for us is to make them more conveniently in durability and portability with reasonable sales price.

With time goes by, the sales volume over cell phone has also improved very rapidly that we can get more from portable devices as we can carry them out in business trip or on our commute every day.

For this reason, tablet computers have more advantages than laptop, especially for Sony Tablet that is more light and handy than iPad. Meanwhile laptop computer, except for netbook, is not so convenient if we need to take it away as an essential item.

Speaking of portability, there’s no doubt that lithium-ion battery for tablet computer are necessary for users to consider if we need to rely on it to complete enough business tasks or deal with more orders, pieces of documents and entertainment.

Under this circumstance, high-performance extended life battery is the must to the whole electronic device industry and battery chemical industry. After all, too heavy and large batteries are obviously unconscionably in the future.

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