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Thursday, November 24, 2011

With the Thanksgiving Day goes by, the Christmas is closing and closing to us. At this moment, have you ever considered about your own Christmas gift? According to the report, iPad is regarded as the most popular product that most of people hope to get as Christmas gift. What’s your answer, tablet or laptop computer?

In the last year, people are just wondering how much tablet computers can bring to us even if iPhone has occupied a large market share. As the magnate of tablet computer industry, iPad has developed very rapidly more than relying on the background of Apple. Nowadays, iPad has become an indispensable electronic device in our daily work and regular life that can be used to browse the Internet sites, send emails, see movies and anything you want from the tablet computers.

tablet computer, laptop computer

Even so, laptop computers are still the main tools to complete our regular work and some complicated tasks, such as establishing some programs, having some business documents, dealing with some orders and so on.

Although iPad and other tablet computers have larger and larger market share at present, they still cannot substitute laptops in the market. After all, we are used to rely on laptop and the actual work is hard to be changed so rapidly according to current technologies and requirements.

However, as a gift, what’s your final choice in this coming Christmas Day?

Tablet computer is regarded as an extra product that is not the necessity device in our actual work while it can bring us more about imaginations if it is a Christmas gift. To be sure, although it hasn’t got so many real powerful functions at present, more and more people are eager to get one. Many promotion lucky draw activities have made iPad and iPad2 as their final gifts since the early of this year, whose results have shown us the influence of tablet computers obviously.

On the other hand, laptop computers can also cover the functions of tablet computers if they are conveniently in portability, especially for Apple Macbook Air series.

Therefore, it is really hard to make a choice between laptop and tablet computers faced with fruitful Christmas gifts. Anyway, your requirements and selections will also influence on the development tendency of the market situations of next year.

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