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Sunday, December 4, 2011

It is unavoidable that all the lithium-ion laptop batteries should be confronted with aging and other relevant problems in regular work. There’s no denying that we need to deal with such issues before any accident or serious problems occurred actually.

Some symptoms for users to figure out if your laptop battery is going to be aging

laptop battery, aging

The last time is shorter and shorter than before. With time goes by, the laptop batteries are going to be aging with last time comes to be shorter than before. Especially for those have been used for more than two years, they can no longer have such a long enough standby time. If you figure out that your laptop battery has dropped in last time rapidly, you need to activate it first and then try it again to check if it is the real problem. In most cases, again has existed once the activation cannot solve you enough last time.

It will be warmer than before in the process of charging or work. As is known to all, overheating is an obvious characteristic to show the problem of laptop batteries. According to the work principle, internal resistances will be higher and higher with time goes by. That is the most popular causes to high work temperature. Of course, short circuit is also possible to lead to such a phenomenon.

The laptop comes to run slower than before. Output power of laptop battery is also relevant to the running rate of laptop computer. That is to say, an aging laptop battery won’t supply enough power energy to laptop system, motherboard and internal memory.

There’re also some other relevant factors that also have some influence on laptop battery to be aging, including improper usage methods, harmful external work situations, overcharging and so on. The best way to deal with the aging is to prevent it before it has happened.

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