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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Someone can take use of laptop charger flexibly while some others have come across some accidents in the process of work. What is the root difference from each other? To be sure, improper charging operations have already killed more and more laptop chargers and other electronic products with time goes by. Are you still being blind of these potential safety hazards?

improper charging operations, laptop charger

Please avoid charging your laptop computer over time

It is known to all that overcharging is very dangerous to all the consumer electronics. Therefore, if you are tired to unplug and replug the connector tip and plug too frequently, you’d better turn off the socket if switch is installed. Otherwise, even if the laptop is closed, the internal resistances will consume power energy at night.

Pay attention to the plugging operation sequence

According to our observations, most of users haven’t paid attention to this operation sequence in regular work, especially at the first time of use. In fact, improper plugging operation sequence has also great influence on laptop charger performance. So please connect with the computer before connecting to the external socket.

If possible, please don’t take use of universal laptop charger

As universal laptop charger is not specialized designed for certain laptop models, it will damage the internal structure of laptop motherboard or other parts with inaccurate output voltage and current. Although it seems to work normally, the performance of the whole computer is weaker and weaker.

Please recharge the battery in time if it is indicated to be out of power

Similar to overcharging, over discharging will also be harmful to lithium-ion laptop batteries. If you don’t want to hurt the battery, please take the time to recharge it by your high-quality charger in daily work.

Replace the charger in time if it comes to be out of shape

Once the laptop charger comes to be out of shape, it means it is overheating, short circuited or other accidents occurred. No matter what it is, such a charger with problems will be an existed potential hazard that will cause some serious accidents.

Please pay attention to the characteristics of your laptop charger and operations as above. I believe it will help you to check the situations and lead you to improve the performance of laptop charger effectively.

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by: USB Phone World