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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

As the electronic product industry is in the process of fast developing, we have witnessed great changes occurred in the whole market in terms of both laptop hardware and software. To be sure, with user requirements improved, the software technologies have got great revolutions, which have increased the requirements of laptop hardware.


Actually, the competition of electronic products is sharp, including the magnates of iPad and Windows system. Recently, it is reported that Microsoft will release its new 2012 version with MS office for iPad. Of course, each component should cost 10 dollars as the production cost, which has very good competitiveness with Keynote, Pages and Numbers of iWork in application price.

It is reported that iPad can be compatible with Office 365 online service and Office Hub service provided by Windows Phone platform. As to the news, Microsoft hasn’t got direct response towards this the business revolution. They said that they have got several platforms and devices for Office software and being devoted into future development with more useful information shared.

Office for iPad is supposed to be released in 2012. So are Office for Lion and Windows 8 system. Under this circumstance, our laptop computers need to get some upgraded laptop power supply and lithium-ion battery to support the laptop computer well. We need to improve the battery life, capacity, stability and other security protection circuits.

It is evidently that the hardware industry is confronted with great challenges since the laptop software has improved the technologies with upgraded primary materials and internal structure. That is to say, it is not for further requirements but the basic characteristics to ensure the updated laptop computers to work normally and rapidly enough. It is really a great challenge to laptop power supply and lithium-ion battery to improve the performance and technologies in a short period.

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