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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I believe that many users should have come across such problems in the process of using laptops, such as boot up improperly, cannot enter into operation system or run some applications. These problems may cause some damages inside the laptop system, which will also lead to system halted and so on. As the primary part of computers, internal memory has played a core role in dealing with data momentarily. That is why we are urgent to solve these problems.

Internal memory, capacity

If you figure out that you cannot start laptop successfully, there’re three primary solutions. First of all, we should place it in the proper memory socket. Generally, we need to put the low rate old memories into the forward position. In addition, on the premise of normal work, we can adjust the setting and specs of memory after entering into BIOS.

If the laptop cannot run steadily, it is likely to be caused by wrong memory compatibility. If so, please try to adjust the memory location and configure the options of memory in BIOS again to be manual configuration. And motherboard will use I/O voltage adjustment functions to make it more stably.

In some cases, laptop system just cannot identify the memory capacity properly, which may be caused by motherboard chip or compatibility problems. We recommend users to solve the problems to replace the motherboard or memory to solve the instable work conditions and poor contact.

If it is indicated to be “On board parlty error”, the memory is possible to be wrong set in odd parity check. And the circuit of this check in motherboard is also possible to be damaged. So is the memory chip. Either should be damaged or run into poor contact.

Some other damages in Windows system, software and memory space will also lead to blank screen, flash, crash and other related situations. Once you figure out the system runs more slowly than before, you’d better check the plug-in modules, applications and active windows in the process of work. Anyway, it is necessary to take use of anti-virus software to prevent internal memory from injury.

If possible, users can expand the internal memory by a suitable product that can fit laptop motherboard well. And please update the motherboard BIOS regularly after that.

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by: USB Phone World