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Monday, December 12, 2011

With the Christmas Day is coming, more and more people are hoping for and preparing for their Christmas gifts from now on. And what about yours? Actually, according to the latest report, table computers, including iPad, Sony tablet and others, have become the main requirements in this period while it has sharp competition in the market.

Android, tablet computers

Although Android system has performed very well in cell phone industry, it seems to be hard for them to occupy enough market share in tablet computers. Lack of security and innovation, Android has been challenged by both iOS and Windows system, especially for the Windows 8 that will be released soon.

As to enterprises and business users, security factors are usually one of the most important decision elements before making decisions. Meanwhile, iPad has not only performed well in technologies and additional functions, it has also become the symbol of professional and luxury. That is why iPad has led the market for a long period.

Anyway, Android is a very convenient and good operation system that can be applied in many aspects. However, thanks to the habits and influence of iOS and Windows, tablet computer suppliers and users haven’t paid enough attentions to Android already. At this moment, except for iPad, many more insiders are looking forwards to Windows 8 that is regarded to beat new iOS system.

As to the innovation, there’s another disadvantage to Android system. In the market, there’re many kinds of consumer electronic products like Dell, Sony, Samsung and so on. They are also possible to be new competitors or cooperators to Android from Google. There’s no denying that Google is hoping to get more success in tablet computers market. However, thanks to all sorts of reasons, they have supplied manufacturers and customers so much technique support. If it goes on, the future development tendency of Android won’t be so good.

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