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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Although the financial crisis is still in the process, labor cost in some nations, especially for the countries of manufacturers, is rising with time goes by. For this reason, many consumer electronics suppliers have to increase the sales price in order to cover this part of manufacturing cost.

As a matter of fact, the PC industry doesn’t perform so well as before influenced by Tablet computer, smart phone and other products. Even so, as is in peak season, the sales volume is still increasing in these months. Under this circumstance, the order of laptop accessories has been added by more than twice over.

laptop accessories

As to those who are limited in budget, second-hand batteries, chargers, memories, LCD screens and other accessories are necessary to replace to improve the weak work situations. That is why the requirements of these parts are higher than the whole PC computer or laptops.

However, with the manufacturing cost improving, the tendency of the whole industry will be changed. If the order volume is increasing, the workers should have higher work efficiency to complete more tasks to reduce the human cost. If they cannot avoid this part of increasing cost, some small manufacturers are possible to save some additional part, such as secondary protection circuits. That is not a good idea to terminal users.

Of course, as to some larger and primary manufacturers, they have got their own solutions. In some nations, some new released production machines have been taken fully used to substitute the human beings in the process, which can not only reduce the manufacturing cost but can improve the quality to some extent.

But it is still uncertain if these machines have past the industrial certification. I think there still needs some periods to check them. If you are about to replace the PC or laptop computers with laptop accessories, please take time to select your own products this year to avoid peak seasons and high sales price.

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