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Thursday, January 19, 2012

In these years, the development tendency of laptop history, the size has become more attractive with light weight and thin size but large screen. Just as the Sony and Apple versions, many users, especially for female users, the appearance has paid great influence on the final decision in purchasing replacement laptop computers.

new laptop of attractive size

Compared to the laptop size, the internal configuration has become the limitation to users in actual performance and compatibility. As to most of laptop manufacturers, if they don’t have their own technologies in all the internal parts, they have to be limited by laptop accessories like CPU, motherboard, battery, hard drive and so on. Or they have to cost more to make the whole device thinner. That is why Apple has better social reputation in both aspects, but the compatibility of IOS system has become another problem.

Will additional functions make these thin laptops of larger size or poor internal structure?

According to the current situation, on no account can we avoid larger laptop size if we need to add more additional functions inside or reduce the actual performance of these new installed accessories to be adapted to the small laptop size. From this point of view, users need to get balance between these two factors and cost performance.

The advantages of Apple have shown us the answer and future development tendency. Nowadays, Apple has occupied larger and larger market share in cell phones, laptop computers, tablet computers, ebooks, laptop system and so on. It is obviously that although it is not cheap enough, more and more users consider it of high cost performance thanks to the all functions and appearance that have met the diverse requirements.

In my point of view, it is certainly to laptop accessories are the core parts to users to be related to both laptop size and internal structure functions. That is why we should work harder to meet more users’ requirements from now on.

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