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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

These years, except for consumer electronic products problems themselves, after-sale service is another important factor for users to think of when judging the performance of certain product. After all, if we have run into some accidental cases, users have to rely on the after-sale customer service to solve the problems.

After-sale service, consumer electronic suppliers

What consumer electronic suppliers should provide in after-sale service?

Usually consumer electronics have warranty from 1 year to 3 years. It is very dangerous to select a brand new product without any warranty or just a short period. As to the warranty, merchants should support customers to meet all sorts of demands in using these products in operation, maintenance, proper installing ways, technique support and other helpful information. If there’s something wrong with the electronics, refund or replacement is necessary to solve the problem if repairing cannot be reached or effected.

Some suppliers ask for depreciation cost from terminal users.

As for terminal users, it is really very disappointed and angry to get a wrong or poor consumer electronic product online. Although it can work normally for a while, it will be so bad if it cannot last very long. Therefore, if they are asked for depreciation cost, the suppliers are not very professional and bring more negative reputations from the customers.

Some other important elements for users to think about

To avoid the contradictory conflict, users need to ask more clearly about the return policy and warranty items before making the final decision. And you can figure out if these products are brand new and of high quality from the after-sale service. We believe a patient and professional suppliers are more reliable and valuable.

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