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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

As to those batteries have only been used less than 1 year, standby time comes to be shorter after charging and discharging for several times. Usually, it is not caused by aging but some mistakes in reading in BIOS system. Under this condition, the battery of enough power energy may be unable to boot up the laptops successfully. If so, please don’t throw away your old battery but activation.

The standard simple tips to activate battery by laptop BIOS

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Many laptop computers of diverse brands have got standard BIOS in it. Calibration is a way to adjust the capacity of lithium-ion battery that can be operated simply in BIOS. After starting the system, please press F2 to enter BIOS menu interface. Through tab arrow keys, users can reach Power options. Then select “start battery calibration” and press “enter” to carry out.

At this moment, the laptop screen will become blue and indicate that laptop charger should be plugged to supply enough power energy to lithium-ion batteries. After fully charged, the screen will also remind users to disconnect the AC adapter and then discharge until used up.

The whole process needs a short while to use up all the power energy inside. Therefore, please don’t shut down the system by yourself. The indicating light will be off after activation.

It is regarded as the official way to calibrate the lithium-ion laptop battery, which may cost about 4-5 hours. Please try it if your battery comes to be shorter than before in standby time.

Certainly, another simple tips to activate the laptop battery standby time is charging and discharging manually to readjust the indication in laptop system BIOS. Please maximum the consumption of external devices, standby time, programs and other items in power options and recharging until it is used up and shut down automatically.

Both tips are very simple and can help batteries to recover the performance effectively, especially for those have only been used for less than 1 year or two years.

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