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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Speaking of universal charger, both tip size and specifications are very important to actual performance while output voltage and current are the other important determinative factors. In this aspect, we should take all efforts to check the compatibility from voltage, current, interface and so on.

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The value of output voltage for laptop computers and other consumer electronics

In my point of view, we recommend users to select compatible battery or AC adapter for laptops. After all, they have been specialized designed for certain laptop models with suitable output voltage, output current, interface, tips and so on. Compared to universal chargers, they can cooperate with laptop computers to supply suitable enough power energy from the lithium-ion cells, switch mode and mains supply.

As for output current, it also requires to have certain value that should be above the minimum nominal value, such as 4400mAh, 6600mAh. Users can check the specifications of original compatible charger or battery in mAh and Volt and compare it to the universal chargers to check if it can fit well.

Portable power charger has large compatible range for cell phones, table pc computer, laptops and other electronic products. Usually, the manufacturers will list the suitable compatible consumer electronics into the product description.

Of course, there’re some other ways to check if certain portable external power charger can be applied to out netbook, laptop or tablet pc computers by checking the output voltage and current. As to some computers, 15V is high enough while some others need to have 19V or even 19.5V output voltage.

On no account can we pay a lot of attentions to interface or lists only instead of checking the actual voltage and Amp of certain external power chargers before plugging and charging. Otherwise, the consequence is very seriously.

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